Plastic Stoppers

Plastic caps are essential and widely used when bottling and represent an excellent option for any type of produce. On Polsinelli Enologia online store you can find so many different types at a great price. There are so many different types and each has a specific use. While high-quality wines prefer the use of cork stoppers, plastic is an optimal alternative for products not targeting high-end markets, providing at a lower cost, the same basic sealing function as their organic counterpart.

Besides avoiding the leakage of liquids, plastic stoppers and bottle caps guarantee the preservation of the content kept in bottles or other containers. Since they do not allow the passage of air, the content’s original organoleptic properties are preserved from oxidation and therefore conserved for longer periods. When bottles are placed on selling shelves, plastic caps are usually covered with heat-shrinkable capsules for aesthetic purposes. While the principal function of the latter is to provide a warranty seal, they also emphasize the perfect integrity of the product. Plastic corks or closures can be placed manually or by means of professional capping machines, which originally designed for medium to big productive facilities, increase productivity, and do not require any physical effort of the user as they are powered by electricity.

Each type of plastic closure has been conceived for a particular closing mechanism or for a specific type of product. For example, ribbed mushroom stoppers were designed to guarantee perfect sealing for liquids which could exert some pressure as sparkling wines, and are usually paired with an additional metal security element placed on the bottleneck. Polsinelli Enologia sells equipment and supplies online to small, mid-sized and big wine, oil, beer and food producers, and plastic caps are an important element for many of them. They rely on Polsinelly for their supplies, we hope we can provide you as well.