Crown Bottle Caps

Crown Caps for Bottles

At Polsinelli Enologia we have the best offers possible for purchasing products required for bottling wine, oil and beer. Among these are of course our crown caps, ideal for conserving in bottles any kind of food liquid. The quality of production of these crown sealing caps guarantees excellent conservation for long periods.

Our crown caps on sale online are designed for a various uses, such as sealing beer bottles or for sealing any other type of liquid. All the materials we use are non-toxic, and thanks to total hermetic sealing there can be no exposure to air, which guarantees the absolute quality of the product.

Our crown tops for bottling wine for example, have an underlayer made specifically for the conservation of foods and liquids, thus ensuring that tastes and flavours are perfectly preserved over time. Furthermore, using a professional bottle tapping device will guarantee perfect sealing.     The crown taps in our online store come in a number of sizes and colours, so can be used with bottles of various dimensions. Many caps may also be used when boiling foods such as preserves, a necessary procedure to guarantee health safety in edibles.

In addition, thanks to their strength and stability, the caps are ideal for bottling sparkling wine and for those who prefer beer there are a range of crown caps designed especially for the amber liquid, which are made to resist the pressure exerted by it and to keep it stable and ready for drinking.

Discover all the online offers on are crown caps at Polsinelli Enologia; among all the various models and sizes you are bound to find the one you need at a more than affordable price.