Cork caps

The Polsinelli Enologia store offers its clients everything they will need in all the various stages of preparing and bottling wine, oil or beer; so in our catalogue you will see a wide selection of cork stoppers at unbeatable prices on sale online, at the lowest prices on the web.

In the market for bottle caps and stoppers, that made in cork are still among the most in demand due to their flexibility and impermeability. A cork plug is in fact a living object which, thanks to its flexibility can do a professional job in hermetically sealing any bottle; indeed, when it is removed from a bottle, it returns to its original shape in a matter of seconds.

Even though they are in constant contact with liquids, they stay highly flexible and prevent any liquid from coming out. Indeed, a cork stopper ensures that oxygen remains inside the bottle wine and that the liquid is correctly preserved in all the following stages of its preparation.

There are various kinds currently on the market, all meeting the required standards of wine corks widely used. For example, single piece natural cork taps, which are a robust quality product made using a perforating machine which totally protects the physical and chemical characteristics of the material. In our catalogue you will also find models made from aggregate substances, suitable for spumantes and more classic wines.

Take advantage of all the potential uses of cork caps and stoppers and have a browse in our catalogue. Whether you’re a small business of just an amateur, in our store you can find the cork taps you need on sale online; so make the most of our great offers and fantastic prices.