Pellenc Olivion Solo shaker with telescopic pole

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Brand: Polsinelli
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Pellenc Olivion Solo shaker with telescopic pole

The Pellenc Olivion shaker with telescopic pole is the essential tool for those who want manoeuvrability and lightness. It is designed to make work easier by adapting to the different types of olives to be harvested thanks to its speed, which is a good 8 times faster than manual harvesting, while safeguarding the tree with branches and fruit. The Pellenc Olivion Solo shaker consists of the T220-300 telescopic pole and the "Olivion Solo" harvesting head for maximum performance. The head has carbon fibre fingers and silicone finger covers for delicate fruits. The system runs on a 48 V motor powered by a pellenc multifunctional battery (NOT INCLUDED). Alternatively, a conventional 12 V battery can be used by purchasing the 12/44 V converter separately.


  • Rod type: Telescope
  • Handle: Standard
  • Length: cm 230-310
  • Comb width: mm 335
  • Stroke rate/min: 840
  • Finger material: Carbon fibre with silicone finger guard
  • Power supply: Pellenc battery Kit (NOT INCLUDED)
                              (classic 12 V battery by purchasing 12/44 V converter separately)
  • Max. power (W): 480
  • Weight with head: 3,1 kg
  • Sound pressure (LpA)-dB(A):
         Rod retracted: 74,5 - Rod extended: 73,3
  • Guaranteed sound power (Lwa)- dB(A):
         Rod retracted: 80,0 - Rod extended: 80,2
  • Vibration level - m/s²: 9.9
  • Vibration level of extracted shaft - m/s²: 9,9
  • Idle mode: YES
  • Double speed: YES
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