Heating belt

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Heating belt

Ensures that the fermentation temperature is favourably maintained. The belt is perfectly fitted on to the containers of various sizes, up to a maximum of 33 litres. This tool gives warmth to the must in a convenient and economical way.

The air temperature can vary depending on the environmental conditions from 10 to 24 °C so it is necessary to move the belt in the following positions to maintain the ideal temperature from 21 to 24 °C.

Moving the band towards the top of the container the temperature of the must will be lower, while the must temperature will increase. The following diagram shows the height according to the environmental conditions:

  • air temperature from 10 to 16 °C – the belt height from the bottom of the container 4 cm
  • air temperature from 16 to 20 °C – the belt height from the bottom of the container 10 cm
  • air temperature from 21 to 24 °C – middle height of the container
  • over 24 °C - remove the plug, until the temperature drops below 24 °C.


Technical description

It regulates the temperature of fermentation

Power: 25 watt

Voltage: 220v

frequency: 50 hz

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