Hand sanitizing solution natural spray with refill 50+250 ml

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Hand sanitizing solution natural spray + refill - 50+250 ml

Cleanses and sanitizes hands without soap and water.

The synergic action of the alcohol component (more than 75%) and hydrogen peroxide guarantee rapid and complete hand cleansing and the elimination of more than 99.9% of bacteria.

The solubilizing action of the alcohol rapidly breaks down the lipid membrane (fat) that protects any pathogens, allowing the hydrogen peroxide (disinfectant) to come into easy contact with bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores, neutralizing them in seconds.

The high content of emollient and protective agents ensures soft and moisturized skin even with frequent use.

The high concentration of active ingredients and the degree of purity of the raw materials used give the product unique characteristics that set it apart from most similar products commonly available on the market.

Directions for use: Moisten hands thoroughly with the solution (3/5 sprays) and rub them until completely evaporated. Within 40/50 seconds you will have a pleasant sensation of freshness and "silkiness" of the skin.

Natural Spray 50 ml
Recharge 250 ml

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