Detartarizzante cleaner P3-wine DET L (28 kg)

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Ecolab - P3-wine DET L - 28 kg jerry can

Alkaline liquid detergent and detartarization product for wineries.


  • Liquid product based on caustic soda designed for the removal of tartrates from tanks, filters, pipes, etc.
  • Washing action reinforced by dispersants and wetting agents.
  • Can be used in combination with P3-wine OXI with bleaching booster effect for the most difficult situations.


Appearance: yellowish to brown liquid.
pH-value: approx. 12.7 (solu. 1%, in demi water at 20°C)
Density: approx. 1.5 (at 20°C)
Foaming: Non-foaming.
Material compatibility: under the conditions of use described below, P3-wine DET L is compatible with most materials used in wine-growing enterprises.
Do not use on sensitive, coloured materials or on alkaline-sensitive resins (e.g. phormo-phenolic resins).
In case of doubt, contact Ecolab technicians.


P3-wine DET L is effective for the detartarisation and cleaning of numerous equipment, such as: vats, pipes, filters, exchangers, etc. of wineries.

Method of use

Application is by circulation, spraying or immersion.
The washing parameters depend on the quantity of tartrates and the type of material.

As an indication:

  • Concentration
    • For vats: 1-15% - the same solution can be used for several tanks. If tartrate remains on the surface being treated after an extended contact time, this means that the solution is saturated and must be renewed! Do not add P3-wine DET L to a saturated solution!
    • For pipes and filters: 1-5%.
  • Temperature: ambient to 70°C
  • Contact time: 10 to 40 minutes
  • Always follow up with a thorough rinse with drinking water, until pH neutral.


  • Concentration determination
  • Solution to be taken: 50 ml
  • Indicator: phenolphthalein
  • Reagent: HCl 1N
  • Titration factor: 0.178
  • ml HCl * 0,178 = concentration (%) of P3-wine DET L

The indications given here have been established for general conditions of use. If you find yourself in conditions which deviate from the norm, e.g. due to particular water hardness, working methods or cleaning problems, please consult us; our technical service will advise and cooperate with you.

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