Crusher type B with stainless steel hopper

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Crusher type B with stainless steel hopper

The crusher type B with stainless steel hopper is a tool designed for processing grapes and producing must. It is an accessory that does not require electricity, operated manually through the side knob. The hopper measures 650x470x310h mm and is made of steel. The stainless steel agitator installed above the rollers facilitates the processing of the bunches.

The structure of the crusher type B with stirrer and stainless steel hopper is made of enamelled steel, which is very resistant and ideal for working with liquids and food products while maintaining their flavour, colour and aroma. The aluminium rollers are 280 mm long, while the overall dimensions of the crusher are 1200x550x360h mm. The instrument weighs 16 kg and is equipped with axes that facilitate movement and positioning over the must collection vat.

Manufactured entirely in Italy by Polsinelli Enologia, the type B crusher with stainless steel wine rack is designed to help you in the processing phase of the harvest. An ideal choice for small producers and companies.


  • Stainless steel hopper: mm 650x470x310h
  • Enamelled steel structure.
  • 280 mm aluminium rollers.
  • Overall dimensions: mm 1200x550x360h
  • Weight: 16 kg
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