Beer Fermenter

Stainless steel homebrew beer fermenters

At Polsinelli Enologia you can find all the best quality apparatus needed for brewing beer. What’s more, we can supply you with all the individual pieces of equipment required to set up a professional laboratory, including homebrew fermenters, containers used in the fermentation process that can also be used for fermenting other types of liquids.

Our beer fermenters are made of stainless steel, and are available in different sizes, from a minimum of 35 litres to a maximum of 1150 litres, with or without conical bottoms, ideal and perfectly suited to all your requirements. Our stainless steel beer fermenters can also be equipped with a refrigerant device, complete with a stainless steel valve for controlling nitrogen inflow.

This is a coolant mechanism applied directly to the container, while its conical base sits on and is supported by a stainless steel tripod. The hermetic seal on the conical bottomed beer fermenter works thanks to a stainless steel arm equipped with a lateral ‘streamer’ opening, together with a washing tube and sphere, the perfect tool for anyone wanting to make homemade beer to professional standards.

The catalogue also contains quality accessories and spare parts, such as liquid crystal strip thermometers, applied to the fermenting vat, stainless steel handles and food safe silicone seals; a vast range of quality products that guarantee you will always have perfectly functioning equipment.

Only at Polsinelli Enologia can you find the quality you are looking for in accessories and kits for brewing beer. Purchase your beer fermenters online and take advantage of the exceptional offers in our catalogue, where you will find a range of products at great prices that mean you make considerable savings on all the products you buy at our store.