32 L plastic fermenter

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32 Lt Plastic Fermenter for Beer

Essential for homebrewers and home-brewing enthusiasts, the 32 litre plastic fermenter is a compact, lightweight container designed specifically for brewing up to 27 litres of wort. Fermentation is when the yeast reacts with the sugars in the wort to develop alcohol and carbon dioxide - the key stage in the production of your drink. The 32-litre plastic beer fermenter proposed by Polsinelli Enologia is the perfect solution to safely face this moment. Made of non-toxic material, ideal for obtaining a drink with impeccable organoleptic characteristics, the 32-litre plastic beer fermenter comes with a hermetic lid, essential for isolating the contents during the process of yeast action, a gasket with a mini-fermenter for eliminating carbon dioxide and a tap for practical pouring. A container designed to meet the needs of experienced brewmasters and those taking their first steps into the world of homebrewing. For maximum precision, we recommend the use of a liquid crystal thermometer, which can be applied to the container to constantly measure the temperature of the wort.

The product comes complete with:

  • plastic container with hermetic lid
  • gasket and two-bulb mini-fermenter
  • tap
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