DIY beer kit

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With just one can of malt you can produce at home up to 23 litres of high quality beer!

The kit contains the following items:

  1. No. 1 plastic container 33 L for fermentation
  2. No. 1 plastic container 33 L to prepare the beverage for bottling
  3. No. 1 air lock
  4. No. 1 tap complete with rigid antifoam tube
  5. No. 1 thermometer
  6. No. 1 plastic mash paddle to mix the ingredients
  7. No. 1 package of potassium metabisulphite for sterilizing the accessories
  8. No. 1 densimeter with test tube, to check fermentation
  9. No. 1 rigid siphon hose for easy bottling
  10. No. 1 brush to wash the bottles
  11. No. 1 two-lever capper for crown caps
  12. No. 1 pack of 100 crown caps
  13. No. 1 sugar doser for 3 size bottles
  14. No. 1 instruction booklet


Technical description
DIY beer kit
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