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With just one can of malt you can produce at home up to 23 litres of high quality beer!

The kit contains the following items:

  1. No. 1 plastic container 33 L for fermentation
  2. No. 1 plastic container 33 L to prepare the beverage for bottling
  3. No. 1 air lock
  4. No. 1 tap complete with rigid antifoam tube
  5. No. 1 thermometer
  6. No. 1 plastic mash paddle to mix the ingredients
  7. No. 1 package of potassium metabisulphite for sterilizing the accessories
  8. No. 1 densimeter with test tube, to check fermentation
  9. No. 1 rigid siphon hose for easy bottling
  10. No. 1 brush to wash the bottles
  11. No. 1 two-lever capper for crown caps
  12. No. 1 pack of 100 crown caps
  13. No. 1 sugar doser for 3 size bottles
  14. No. 1 instruction booklet




The malt contained in the can is poured into the container and mixed together with 1 kg of sugar and the addition of water; the wort is thus created.


Fermentation is started by adding live yeast to the wort. Fermentation is initiated at a temperature of between 22° and 32° and is completed on average in approximately 7-8 days.


It is the natural chemical process that for thousands of years, thanks to the action of the yeast, allows the transformation of the sugar into carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol, producing the typical bubbling of the must. Check the end of fermentation using a special instrument: the densimeter.


This is the phase that allows the young beer to be isolated from the fermentation residue that is lying at the bottom of the container.


After the racking it is necessary to add to the beer another 180 g of sugar dissolved in hot water that will be mixed with the beer to start the final maturation that will take place directly in the bottle.


Carefully wash and drain the bottles and all the accessories that you will use for bottling, sterilizing them with potassium metabisulphite, and then with a special decanter proceed to fill and hermetically seal the bottles.


Your beer will already be ready to enjoy fifteen days after bottling; however, it is advisable to leave it to mature in a cool place with little light for another 4-6 weeks in order to appreciate its full flavour.








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DIY beer kit

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