350 L Cocciopesto amphorae

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Anphora for wine and beer


What is cocciopesto? An ancient formula known by the Romans as Opus Signinum, with modern contributions: a mixture of ground bricks (crock) fragments of  stone aggregates, sand, binder and non-chlorinated spring water.

These cocciopesto amphorae are made and finished by hand.
The wine or beer in these containers acquire flavor, color, smell in the broad elegant form of the amphora.
Fermentation is favored by the ovoid curves of the vase.
The porosity of cocciopesto allows slow micro-oxygenation through a completely natural process.
The maturation of wine or beer inside the amphorae gives our products special organoleptic characteristics appreciated by connoisseurs and sommeliers.
Each vase is unique in its aesthetic shape, enhancing the environment where it is kept.
The first vessel in the world made of "cocciopesto dt" that does not need any vitrification treatment thanks to the food-contact certification. Ideal for those working in biodynamics.


Technical description

Capacity: about 350 L
Manhole cover: 400 mm
Manhole door: oval 230 x310 mm with partial discharge valve
Feet: Stainless steel h 10 cm
Wine tasting tap
Height: 1410 mm (including 100 mm steel feet)
Diameter: 1100 mm
Wall thickness: 60 mm
Weight: 520 Kg

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