Stainless steel floating valve Cad 4

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Stainless steel floating valve for Filler machine Cad 4

The Cad 4 stainless steel float uses a simple and effective mechanism to precisely and automatically regulate the flow of liquid into the filler tank. The Cad 4 filler float consists of a food-grade plastic ball that moves with the liquid level and mechanically operates the valve at the bottom of the tank, opening or closing it to stop the flow of wine, beer or oil. The Cad 4 filler float can therefore be used in combination with the EPM20 low-speed electric pump to optimise the transfer of liquid into the filler tank, blocking the flow with an automatic valve. Once the valve is closed, it is necessary to manually block the electric pump in action.


  • Compatible with Cad 4 filling machine
  • Mechanical blocking action
  • Made of stainless steel and water resistant
  • Food grade plastic ball


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