Profy 200 oil mill

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Profy 200 oil mill

The Profy 200 oil mill has been designed to extract high quality extra virgin olive oil and, with its hourly output of 200 kg, is the ideal solution for companies looking for a robust and highly specialised machine that offers high output.

Equipped with a hopper with a variable speed auger as standard, the Profy 200 crusher transfers the olives to the crusher in an optimal way, also thanks to its stainless steel construction that guarantees perfect hygiene and respect for the organoleptic qualities of the extracted oil.

The crusher equipped with a reel shaker with helical blades is designed to carry out crushing at the highest levels on the market, while a heating element located in the cavity of the crusher manages the temperature of the paste, which can vary from a minimum of 18°C to a maximum of 25°C.

There are two types of presses in the Profy 200 crusher, one for receiving the paste from the crusher and another for extracting the oil using a pump with a variable speed drive. The presence of two adjustable nozzles allows the olive oil to be discharged, while the pomace is discharged by means of a PSS1 pump mounted under the decanter.


  • Stainless steel contact parts
  • Hopper equipped with auger
  • Optional variable speed drive for hopper
  • Crusher
  • Grammer with agitator reel equipped with helical blades
  • 2 kneading troughs for dough reception and extraction
  • Gram cavity with heating element
  • Pump equipped with variable speed drive
  • 2 adjustable nozzles
  • PSS.1 pump for oil outlet
  • Hourly output 200 kg


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