Oil mill Gold 100

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Oil mill Gold 100

The Gold 100 oil mill has been designed to meet the needs of oil producers: it can support a daily production of about 800 kg and allows the olives to be processed immediately after harvesting in order to obtain an extra virgin olive oil with optimum quality properties.

The Gold 100 crusher is equipped with a knife crusher, a continuous horizontal crusher and a new generation 2 phase decanter that make the product highly efficient and able to meet the needs of all productions, both industrial and artisan.

Cleaning of the Gold 100 crusher is fully automatic thanks to its integrated washing circuit. As standard, it is equipped with a water dosage flow meter and an inverter that regulates the speed of the decanter crusher. It is also equipped with a cylinder washing kit, an automatic heating function for the presses with an integrated temperature sensor and two variable speed drives: one for the speed of the pulp feed screw and the other for the speed of the olive feed screw.

The Gold 100 crusher is the product that responds to the needs of olive oil producers: it allows all companies and enthusiasts in the sector to produce an extra virgin oil of excellent quality ready for marketing or home consumption.


  • Hourly production: 100 kg
  • Overall dimensions cm: 152 x 91 x 160(h)
  • Total weight: 415 kg
  • Standard voltage: single-phase 220V 3.5 kW 50 Hz or three-phase 380V 50Hz
  • Knife crusher
  • Horizontal crusher
  • 2 phase decanter
  • Water dosage flow meter
  • Cylinder washing kit
  • Gram washing kit
  • Pomace discharge pump
  • Olive pitting kit


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