Filtering Machines with pads

On Polsinelli Enologia you can find a large assortment of items for producing and keeping food and beverages The catalog, therefore, has so many models of pad filtering machines, which are used to refine, sterilize and make beverages shine. Available in so many sizes, our online catalog has been created to provide a solution for all the different needs small or medium-sized companies might encounter, while keeping quality standards with the selection of items made with secure and resistant materials as stainless steel.

In our section dedicated to food filters, you will find pad models characterized by different types of layers, specific for elaboration white and red wines, sparkling wines, olive oil, liquors, and vinegar. This equipment is made of a centrifugal electric pump made in steel and a filtering system that will provide a thoroughly purified liquid while conserving its organoleptic characteristics. For this reason, these machines are both highly regarded for domestic use or in professional settings. They are also compatible with different types of filters, which are chosen depending on the particular liquid to process. For example, filter pads for wine are available in different formats and have a high-quality standard so as to produce the best results.

In the same way, if you wish to maintain the properties of other alcoholic liquids unaltered, you can find in our section dedicated to beer filters, pad variants specifically created to process and improve the quality of your product. Very practical and secure, all models have been built with materials completely compatible with beverages, and do not require great maintenance, except the normal cleaning after use. With our pad filters, you can easily purify drinks, and bottle them perfectly purified and clear, removing any type of residue. Discover all our filter pad machines selected by our staff and choose the one that best meets your needs. On Polsinelli Enologia you will always find great prices and so many models, maybe also the right one for you.