Filter BABY 6

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Filter BABY 6 

The FILTER BABY 6 is formed by a special electric pump and by a filtering system known as a liquid system with pressed layers. This particular type of filtering system allows you to achieve excellent levels of purification of beverages without altering the fundamental characteristics of the liquid decanted, so it is particularly indicated for domestic filtering, but also used in the professional sector, such as small and medium-sized wineries, factories and pharmaceutical laboratories, breweries and homebrewers; wherever a filtered drink is necessary or to bottle perfectly without any trace of unwanted residues.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE FOR CUSTOMERS: the FILTER BABY 6 is designed to filter mainly beverages, so all the materials used are perfectly compatible with liquid food. It is particularly suitable for filtering wine, water, teas, beers, pharmaceutical solutions, perfumes. It does not require any special maintenance except normal cleaning.


  • Surface area: 0.24 mq
  • Capacity litres/hour: 250
  • Weight: 17 kg
  • Power: Hp 0.5
  • Overall dimensions: 36x30x28h cm
  • Hosebarb diam. 18
  • bronze electric pump

The package includes 6 roughing filter sheets V4 and 6 polishing filter sheets V16.

The filter sheets used are 20x20 cm and their filtration characteristics are the following:

  • CKP V0: roughing filter sheet
  • CKP V4: medium clarifying filter sheet
  • CKP V8: clarifying filter sheet
  • CKP V12: clarifying filter sheet
  • CKP V16: polishing filter sheet
  • CKP V18: polishing filter sheet
  • CKP V20: medium sterilizing filter sheet
  • CKP V24: sterilizing filter sheet


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