Stainless steel grape crusher type B

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Stainless steel grape crusher type B

The type B crusher is a practical and effective tool for extracting grape must after harvest. Manually operated through the crank positioned on the side of the frame, it allows the raw material to be processed without the need for electricity. The hopper of the crusher for inserting the grape load measures 66x48x31 cm and is made of sheet metal.

The frame of the type B manual crusher is made of stainless steel, ideal for not affecting the taste and the organoleptic characteristics of the product during the extraction of the must.

The instrument is equipped with two aluminum grooved rollers, 280 millimeters long. Overall, this  grape crusher measures 120x55x36cm, and this particularly compact size that, with its weight of only 19 kg, makes it easy to move and place it on the collection vat.

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