Ph probe for food

The use of a ph meter is crucial in the preparation of food products. These instruments enable you to analyse with great accuracy the levels of acidity and basicity of all sorts of liquids. Polsinelli Enologia offers a wide selection of Ph meters for food, for sale online at convenient prices in order to make available practical devices for monitoring the characteristics of your products.

These tools enable you to follow step by step the production of beverages to obtain top quality bottled products. They are used in a variety of industry applications, from the production of cheese to homebrewing. In oenology they can be used with a wine must meter in order to accurately estimate the acidity and the percentage of sugar in your product.

Another common tool is the classic Ph tester for oil, which is supplied with a kit with all the glassware and reagents for the analysis and measuring of oleic acid, often considered a sign of quality of oil. The Ph probes available in our catalog also include pocket accessories for an immediate use. Simply calibrate the tool with our solutions and immerse the probe in the liquid you wish to analyse.

The ph meter display will show the chemical values and after measuring you simply clean the probe with distilled water. The most advanced instruments also feature an internal thermometer and are ideal to complete your glassware kit for chemical analysis, with the alcohol meters and densimeter for food, to have a high level instrument kit for your production.

Save money with our special prices and buy your ph tester for food in Polsinelli Enologia store, the best choice for your beverage production with an essential device for the chemical analysis of your ingredients and final product.