Make Your Own Wine Kit

Small winemakers or amateurs that would like to start producing wine on their own will find the wine making kits available at Polsinelli Enologia as a very interesting option for gathering all they need. They are an ideal option for small producers or wine artisans and consist in a bundle of instruments made for this type of activity. Our homemade wine kits include all the necessary tools for processing the grapes and for producing high quality wine, giving you complete control of the process from the crushing onwards. They are also called home wine making kits since they have become popular between amateurs undertaking this ancient activity as a hobby.

Production kits are an important instrument to ease any activity producing any type of food product. In particular for wine, they include several important elements that will make a difference, as for example the frame, which are made with particularly resistant and long-lasting materials, as thick sheet metal. Another important characteristic is the central movable element design, which allows for an easy cleaning and removal of the marc that could accumulate otherwise.

We would also like to highlight that the painting has been applied using epoxy powders for food. This guarantees a longer duration of the structure and consequently a longer use, but also to guarantee a better yield of the final product. Another feature are electric pumps that transfer liquids from a container to another. These make your own wine kits have wheels, which facilitates its movement and helps to replace it where it is kept, once concluded their use, until the next season.

These kits for wine making would be incomplete without a wine press, the core element of the bundle and the production. These extract the liquid from the marc after the fermentation, and can be of two types, depending on the kit model: hydraulic or having a lever, all of which guarantee great efficiency in the pressing and a notable yield. Browse the different models of kits for making wine available in Polsinelli Enollogia and notice the differences while reasoning on what are your particular needs. Take advantage of our great prices and take home all you need for making your wine.