Special B 300 malt grain - 300 EBC (25 kg)

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Special B 300 EBC 25 kg malt grain

Special B 300 EBC is a Belgian double dry caramel malt produced by Castle Malting. Castle Malting is Belgium's longest established malt house and one of the world's leading brands, popular with industrial brewers, craft brewers and homebrewers. Special B 300 EBC beer malt has a moisture content of 6%, a minimum dry extract of 77.0% and an EBC colour between 260.0 and 320. It is used for the preparation of abbey, Dubbel, Porter, Brown Ale, Doppelbock beers, with a blend of up to 10%. Belgian malt B 300 EBC gives beverages a dark brown-black colour, a full-bodied structure and a flavour with notes of grape, caramel, walnut and plum. It can replace Chocolate and Black malts for a less bitter flavour. Castle Malting's B 300 EBC is sold in 25 kg packs and should be stored in a cool, dry, insect-free place with a temperature of less than 22° and humidity below 35 HR %. It is recommended that the malt is used within 24 months of manufacture and within three months after milling.


  • Use: Abbey beers, Dubbel, Porter, Brown Ale, Doppelbock. Up to 10 % of the blend.
  • Belgian Caramel Malt Double Drying
  • Moisture: % 6 (max)
  • Extract (dry): % 77,0 (min)
  • Colour: EBC (Livibond) = min 260,0 (98,1); max 320,0 (120,6)
  • Dosage: up to 10%.
  • Manufacturer: Castle Malting
  • Storage: 24 months from date of production
  • Packaging: 25 kg
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