How to make sparkling wine at home


Necessary products to make sparkling wine (100 lt):

Sparkling procedure with “Champenois” method:

Phase 1:

  • 25g of yeast for sparkling wine
  • 25g of sugar
  • 250g of water

Mix and leave for 30 minutes in a cup

Phase 2:

  • ½ Lt of wine
  • Prepared for yeast (see phase 1)
  • 6g of phosphates (yeast foods)

Mix in a bottle of wine and let stand 12 hours (Leave the bottle uncorked and fill in 2/3)

Phase 3:

  • Syrup (wine + yeast preparation + phosphates, see phase 2)
  • 100 Lt of wine
  • 2 kg of sugar (20g per liters of wine)

First dissolve sugar in 4-5 liters of wine and then mix with syrup; add everything to the wine that it has to be sparkled, bottled with bidule and crown cap.

To facilitate the second fermentation and the subsequent remuage, at the end of the phase 3 mix 7 CL of Tirage Esse per 100 lt of wine.

Useful tips:

  • Stack the bottles horizontally, in a fresh place for at least 2 months
  • The alcholic content must not exceed 11,5 degrees
  • If pure-wine is lightly sweet, decrease the quantity of sugar

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