Crusher type D with stainless steel hopper

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Brand: Polsinelli
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Motor-driven Type D crusher with hopper and stirrer

The electric crusher type D with hopper is a motor-driven instrument for the efficient and practical processing of grapes for the extraction of must. The instrument is equipped with 220 mm self-adjustable aluminium rollers, perfect for adapting to the passage of solid parts which, if necessary, can be replaced with nylon or food-grade rubber elements, available in our store.

The hopper measures 840x560 mm and is complete with stainless steel agitators, ideal for facilitating the work flow. The 1 HP (0,75 kW) electric motor is positioned on the side, protected by enamelled sheet metal and equipped with an emergency switch to quickly switch off the D-type crusher with stainless steel hopper. The roller action system is fully automated and powered by 220V electricity.

The crusher type D with stainless steel hopper measures 120x30x55cm, is equipped with handles for positioning over the must collection vat and is sold complete with packaging for safe shipment.

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