"Polsinelli For You" - Customized Services

Since 1958 Polsinelli has been catering to customers’ most varied technical requirements with passion and expertise, always supporting them before, during and after the purchase by using customized services, customer assistance and technical counseling.

Our top priority is to listen to our customers in order to manufacture and provide customized products made according to entrepreneurs’ and /or hobbysts’ specific requirements. Today more than ever, "Polsinelli For You" customized services are able to guarantee a truly personalized experience providing machine design with latest generation technologies, using Industry 4.0. It is possible to request and get customized products designed in harmony with tradition and manufactured with the support of technologies and high accuracy techniques, using process flexibility through customizable activities.

Polsinelli is always by your side: our customer care, our highly skilled design office team, our production and logistics department, our after-sales service support will accompany and support you in all stages of your purchase by actively involving you in a 360-degree design process.


Customized stirrer with compressed air motor

Serbatoio in acciaio inox AISI 304 fondo conico 10° da stoccaggio 1000 L

Serbatoio inox AISI 304 "Pesante" da 1000 L

Serbatoio inox AISI 304 "Alto" fondo conico 10° da stoccaggio 1000 L


Polsinelli Team