Food dryer Domus B5

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Food dryer Domus B5 (5 baskets)


Domus B5 is the most practical, lightweight, convenient dryer belonging to the Biosec family.
 It is perfect for those who want a small home food dryer.


  • Drying tunnel in food grade plastic
5 small plastic baskets

  • Maximum power: 480 W
External dimensions: 27x27x45 cm

  • Approximate capacity: 2/3 kg

Contents in the package:

  • Motor with electronic Dryset Pro system

  • Drying tunnel in food grade plastic

  • 5 small food grade plastic baskets

  • Instructions for use and guide to drying

Drying for preservation as nature has taught us

Overall dimensions: 27 x 27 x 45 cm

This unit has been designed for drying fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and other food products. Our dryers have been designed for energy saving, for good taste and healthy nutrition.
 Twenty years of business have allowed us to gain broad industry experience in this field, an experience which is expressed in all of our products, whether they are for home use or for professional use.


Technical description

Preserve in a natural way

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