Crystal grain malt (25 kg)

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25 kg Crystal Malt

Produced by the prestigious Castle Malting, 25 kg Crystal Malt is an ideal ingredient for the home production of high quality beers. It is a malt of Belgian origin, characterised by special aromas due to the special caramelisation that is now a trademark of Castle Malting products. Crystal barley malt, available in a 25 kg package, has a colour ranging from caramel to copper, and in the bottle expresses a rich taste, particularly suitable for the production of lager beers: it is in fact an excellent base for Belgian ales and German bocks. We recommend the use of Crystal 25 kg grain malt up to 20% of the mix.


  • Use: Bitter and Pale Ale
  • Caramelised barley malt
  • Moisture max. 4.5%
  • Extract (dry) min. 78%.
  • pH 6.0
  • Colour/EBC: 150
  • Ingredients: barley; may contain traces of spelt, oats, wheat, rye.
  • Dosage: up to 20%.
  • Aroma: light notes of caramel
  • Producer: Castle Malting
  • Storage: 24 months from production date
  • Packaging: 25 kg
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