Cordless Tendril Tying-machine

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Cordless Tendril Tying-machine

With the Tendril tying machine both the professional and the small to medium user can make precise tying with minimum effort. Perfect grip thanks to the ergonomic, soft-touch handle. The integrated battery offers freedom of movement and ease of use with no wires to connect to the socket. The design of the Tendril knotter is the result of a targeted study, which has resulted in an improved design that is synonymous with reliability and better tying quality. With the Tendril tying machine it is possible to make 4 different types of tying up to a maximum diameter of 25mm. The Tendril is supplied with a carrying bag and 3 spools of thread (Standard, Bio, Paper).

Characteristics of the tying-machine:

  • Binder weight: 910 gr
  • Spool weight: 155 gr
  • Maximum binding diameter: 25 mm
  • Binding levels: 4
  • Reel length: 90 mt
  • Binding per spool: 650
  • Binding per loading cycle: 10000
  • Bindings per minute: 80
  • Available spool types: 3

Technical data of the battery:

  • Technology: Lithium-ion
  • Battery position: Integrated
  • Voltage: 14,4/16,8 V
  • Capacity: 36Wh
  • Charger: Agritech Charger Li0
  • Working autonomy: 8h
  • Recharge time from 0% to 100%: 90'