Unsere Versandzeiten hängen von Verfügbarkeit der Artikel ab.
Die Bestellungen mit Produkten die verfügbar sind,  werden innerhalb von 4 bis 5 Arbeitstagen (Montag bis Freitag) zu den Kourier nach der Zahlung übergegeben.
In der Hochsaisonzeit, von August bis November, ist die Vorbereitungszeit der Bestellungen ungefähr 7 Tagen (Montag bis Freitag).
Fü die Bestellungen mit bestellbar Produkten, lauten  die Lieferungstermin schon in den Arktikel Beschreibung.
Ein Artikel ist bestellbar wenn direkt in der Firma herstellt wird und die Produktion Abschluss warten mußten  oder wenn wir von unsere Lieferanten der Artikel erwarten.
Wenn Sie mehrere Artikel kaufen, wird die Bestellung versendet wenn alle Artikel verfügbar sind.
Als wir die Ware versenden, bekommen Sie eine email für Bestätigung mit den Kourier Information. Dann wird der Kourier ein email  mit den Tracking Nummer schicken umdie Lieferung  zu überwachen.

Die Kouriere Lieferzeiten hängen von Bestellung Bestimmungsort und von den Volumen der Artikel ab.
Nach Italien dauert die Lieferung 2-3 Arbeitstage (Montag bis Freitag), mit Ausnahme von Sizilien und Sardinie, wo die Kouriere 4-5 Arbeitstage (Montag bis Freitag) brauchen.
Bei kleine Inseln, schwierigen Orten oder voluminös Bestellungen können die Lieferzeit Verspätung haben.
Für Außland Speditionen erfolgt die Lieferung innerhalb von 4 Arbeitstagen (Montag bis Freitag).
Bei voluminös Versendungen die Lieferzeiten sind von 7 Arbeitstage (Montag bis Freitag).
Aufträge mit Artikeln die zu der Krategorie "Gefahr Gut" angehören, können nicht mit Express Kouriere versenden weil der Tranport besondere Berechtigung erfordert.
Die Lieferzeiten dieser Speditionen sind 4-5 Arbeitstage (Montag bis Freitag) in Italien und 7 Arbeitstage (Montag bis Freitag) im Ausland.
Lieferzeiten sind nur indikativ und können während Jahrzeiten ändern.
Bei Lager Haltungen  wird automatisch ein zweiter Versuch mit telefonischen Benachrichtung ausprobiert.
Bei Verspätungen, ausgebliebene Lieferung oder weitere Informationen können Sie den Kourier direkt an folgende Kontakte wenden:

  • GLS - 199 151 188
  • DHL - 199 199 345
  • TNT - 199 803 868
  • SDA - 199 113 366
  • ITALMONDO - 06.96528400

Um einen Transportschaden zu reklamieren, senden Sie bitte bis spätestens 7 Tage nach dem Lieferdatum eine Reklamation mit Fotos an


How I know when the carrier will deliver my order?
As soon as goods will be delivered to carrier, you will receive an email with the track number to follow the status of the shipment.

Is it possible to collect the goods at the warehouse?
When the goods will be ready, you will receive an email that describes the weight and the volume of the packaging,so you can proceed with the collection.

In case of problems with the delivery, if the goods result damaged or non-compliant, how I can proceed?
When the goods are delivered, we recommend to check the number of items and the integrity of the parcels; remeber to sign with reservation and communicate promplty damages by sending an email to

Your company makes shipment in France and Spain?
Sure. We make shipment all over the world. On our website you can make a purchase simulation: put items in the cart and select the country.

Your company makes shipment outside Europe?
Of course, we are available to give you, by email, some advices for making ad hoc request.

Your company makes shipment in Swirtzeland?
Sure. We make shipment all over the world. On our website you can make a purchase simulation: put items in the cart and select the country.

Is there a minimum of order for having free shipment?
There is free shipping on more than 1500 articles with a purchase over €99. You will find all the information about the Free Shipping promotion at the following address.

How long does the order take to arrive?
If the order includes “available products”, it is necessary to consider the time of processing (about 2-3 days from the receipt of payment) and also the time of transport which can varies according to “ordered products” (about 2-3 days for small packaging and 7 days for big packaging).

Once the order is made, is it possible to decide that the carrier will collect it?
Yes of course, following the procedure on the site, select “Italy” as destination country and then “pick up at headquarters”. Moreover, specify in the notes that you would like to be informed when the goods will be ready; in this way you can get in contact with the carrier and collect the order. Otherwise you can collect the order at our company.

I received the goods, but some of items are missing. When is possibile to receive them?
We recommend to controll all packages and spaces between pots, tanks and boxes. If products are missing, please contact the number 0776869068 int.209.

How can I know if my order is already shipped?
When the order is shipped you will receive an email with track number to follow the shipment. The following day you can verify the status updated about the position of the carrier.

What is the time of shipment?
The shipment is about 4 days for “available” items. If you have made an order of “orderable” products, the time of shipment is stated on the product. When the order is shipped, you will receive an email with information related to the carrier, included track number to follow the shipment.

If I ordered both available products and orderable, when my order will be shipped?
If you buy lots of articles, the order will be shipped only when all articles are available.

I received damaged shipment, but I didn’t sign with reservation.
We have the possibility to  open a damage claim with carrier for “hidden damage” even if you didn’t sign with reservation; for this reason, please send us an email with photos of the damage as soon as possible, specifying the type of damage and the delivery method you chose.

Is it possibile to track the shipment?
When the order is shipped you will receive by email the track number to verify the shipment. If your order is not already shipped by express carrier, you will receive an email with the contact of the carrier so you can receive details on delivery.

From the track number results that carrier has already delivered goods, but I wasn’t there.
As soon as we receive communication of goods stored in the parcel shop for “absent recipient”, we will proceed requesting a new delivery attempt with phone notice.

From the track number results that carrier has already delivered goods, but even if I was there, the carrier didn’t pass.
You can send an email to to report the problem. We will contact the carrier to verify the issue and we will request for a new delivery attempt with phone notice.

From the track number results that delivery is in “transit” and there isn’t a specific date of delivery.
You can send an email to to report the problem. We will contact the carrier to verify issues before requesting a new delivery attempt with phone notice.

The carrier made the delivery but I didn’t have the amount of the cash on delivery.
As soon as we receive communication of goods stored in the parcel shop for “failed payment”, we will inform you that we will verify problems before requesting to the carrier for a new delivery attempt.

The carrier tried to make the delivery, but the order was visibly damaged and I refused the delivery. How long does it take to make a new delivery?
To make a new delivery procedure, it is necessary to wait that all products are back to the warehouse. Because the procedure takes some days to be completed, the return of goods could be late.

Is it possibile to request an urgent shipment?
The management of orders is cronological. For the respect of our consumers, it is not possibile to give priority to some shipments insted of others. All orders are managed as soon as possible.

Can I modify shipment’s address after making the order?
On your profile, in “orders” section, you can modify your order. At the bottom of the site, there is a space where you can send messages and where you can write your request to modify the order.

After the order is shipped, can I modify the shipment’s address?
After the order is shipped, we can modify shipment’address only when the shipment is stored in the parcel shop. The shipment is stored in the parcel shop in case of missing delivery by the carrier. In this case we have the possibility to request a new attempt of shipment to another address. Please, send an email to to request a varition of address. 

I received a different product insted of the product I ordered.
Please, send an email to  send a report with related photos of the article received. In this way we can verify and solve mistakes. It is necessary to specify order number and the article ordered and not received.

I bought an article on your website according to the description, but when I received the product, all characteristics didn’t correspond to real characteristics.
Please, send an email to explaining all details that do not correspond to the ordered product and, if you can, send a report with related photos or video so in this way we can verify the problem.

I made an order on your website, inserting Italy as shipping country; subsequenlty I brought goods to Switzerland. How can I ask VAT refund?
To receive VAT refund it is necessary to send a copy of clearance documents to to verify them and proceed to the refund.

I ask for shipment’s delivery to my carrier who will deliver goods outside the European Community. However, I have to pay VAT?
By placing your order online and inserting a specific area in the European Community as shipment’s address, the website will give you information about VAT costs. In the notes of the order you have to specify that you will export and prices will be updated. In any way, the costs for VAT will be invoiced against a security deposit, so that, once the customs clearance has been carried out and the documents have been sent to the administration, we can proceed with the refund.

I made a request of an order supplied carriage forward, pick up at our headquarters. By the fact that I have an Intra-community VAT, costs will be without VAT?
The prices will be without VAT even if the sale actually takes place in Italy, because at the time of collection, the carrier will issue a document certifying his responsibility to transfer the goods from Italy to an intra-community country.

Is it possible to collect the order at carrier’s affiliate directly?
It is possible to request the collection in storage of the order. Write directly to the carrier affiliate or if you are not aware of these details, you can specify in the notes that you want to collect the order in the affiliate, so that we can search for them and get in touch with them directly. When the order is shipped, you will receive an email with the address and information about hours of the affiliate. If you are asking to ship to the affiliate of a carrier to which we do not entrust our shipments, you will be contacted to check together an alternative.

I am not equipped to unload goods, is it possible to program unloading with the tail lift?
You can specify this need at the time of shipping, in the space dedicated to the notes. At the time of shipment, it will be reported to the carrier selected for delivery.

Is there a supplement for shipment to Sicily?
No, there isn't any supplement for shipment to Sicily, with the exception of small islands.

What is the supplement for small islands?
The supplement will be calculated at the time of shipment. You will be contacted in order to pay the difference of price.

The track number shows that delivery is shipped but I have not received the order.
Please, send an email to to check who has received the order. The carrier will be asked to check the signature on the delivery note, in order to find the recipient. If you don’t know the recipient, we will make a procedure of denial of signature.

Is it possible to request delivery with a carrier I choice?
You can specify your preference in the order notes, we take this notice into account when shipping, but we must still refer to our price list to check if it is possible.

Is it possible to request NOT shipping with a carrier?
If you have had problems with deliveries caused by a specific carrier, you can indicate this in the notes of your order. In order to take this into account and if possible, at time of shipping.

May I have the number of the carrier to grant with him for delivery?
Unfortunately we can’t manage directly deliveries of shipment. You can consult the track of shipment and contact the affiliate that is in charge of your shipment.

Can the carrier ask me for a supplement?
No, under no circumstances. Any sums of money must be paid to the carrier, excepted for the amount foreseen in the case of cash on delivery.

The carrier asked me for my credit card number, what should I do?
Pay attention: We strongly recommend that you NEVER PROVIDE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER.

I received an email with a link where a transport supplement is requested, what should I do?
Do not click on the links that arrive by email from the carriers if it is required a transport supplement and above all DO NOT ENTER THE CREDIT CARD NUMBER!

Is there a threshold for free transport?
No, the system automatically calculates the transport, based on the overall volume of the parcels.

If I buy more articles, do I have to add up the individual transport costs?
To proceed, you need to add into your shopping cart all the items you want to buy. By selecting the type of shipment "Carrier" you will be able to view the total transport costs. These are calculated automatically by the system based on the volumes entered in the cart in relation to the costs of the carriers and do not correspond to the sum of the individual transport costs.

Do the transport costs to Switzerland also include customs clearance costs?
No, customs clearance is excluded from the costs provided by the site.