Zwischen anlage für Borgognotta 120x80 (St. 10)

Artikelnummer : ACP0234.10
Marke: Polsinelli
€ 61,48
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Zwischen anlage für Borgognotta 120x80 (St. 10)

Kunstoff Zwischenlage mit besonderen Formen die eine perfekte horizontale Flaschen Unterbringung ermöglichen.
Die Zwischenlage ist eine neue und innovative System zur Lagerung von Flaschenwein, das als Alternative zu Metallkäfigen und Holzwänden verwendet werden kann.
Dieses System garantiert die maximale Raumausnutzung sowohl im der Höhe als auch am Boden.
Die Flaschen Unterbringung ist geeignet um Zerkratzen und Flaschen Brechen zu vermeiden. Die schwarze Farbe erleicht nicht den Durchgang von Licht und die Verfeinerung des Weins in einer geschützen Umgebung gewährleistet.

  • Palette Maße:  cm.120x80
  • Flasche Menge für jede Zwischenlage:  38
  • Zwischenlage Menge für jede Palette: max 20
  • Flaschen Menge für jede Palette: 760
  • Flasche Typ: Borgognotta 0,75 lt
  • Max Durchmesser: mm 90
  • Min. Durchmesser: mm 80
  • Max  Flasche Höhe: mm 320
  • Min. Flasche Höhe: mm 235
  • Stapelbarkeit: 2+1 (2 Palette auf 1 Palette auf dem Boden)
  • Packung: 10 Stück


  • Be sure to stock the pallets composed by VINPLAST on perfectly flat surfaces.
  • VINPLAST can be used starting from the outer rim downward.
  • Each layer of VINPLAST must be inverted with respect to the previous one.
  • Bottles should be positioned starting to fill the layer from the center outwards in order to distribute the load optimally.
  • Bottles must be placed towards the bottom so that the layer is perfectly horizontal and flat. This procedure will avoid damages.
  • Storage of LABELLED bottles is not recommended unless the customer has personally tried this procedure and he is satisfied with the result. Moving and transporting bottles on VINPLAST is in any case forbidden.
  • Once the composition of the pallet is finished, it is advisable to place a VINPLAST upside down as a lid, in order to protect the bottles from contact with the upper pallet.
  • The stacking of the 20-layer can be carried out on three heights starting from a ground-based stack.
  • The stack thus composed of three pallets (2+1 on the ground) will have to be stacked compactly and in adherence to each other to give more stability to the structure.
  • Pallet should be in perfect conditions.
  • The number of bottle layers may vary depending on how the customer uses the limit of the loads allowed by the pallet supports.
  • The stack of bottles could be covered by a protective film of 0,7 micron.

This procedure protects the bottles from dust. The stack is already stable in itself, so this operation is not intended to consolidate it further. The film should be applied avoiding tensions which could deform the corners of the plates.

No special precautions are required when transporting with forklift trucks other than to keep the forks in a flat position. It is not recommended to move VINPLAST-formed pallets on uneven roads by unsuitable means (tractors, forklifts, open trucks…).


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