Pintura roja (740 g)

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Epoxy paint red kg. 0,740 + catalyst

This type of glazing epoxy paint is approved for food contact a catalyst, non-toxic after curing, with high chemical inertness and suitable to come into contact with food without altering its characteristics, approved by the experimental station for the industry of canned food in Parma .

Can be used for the internal protection of concrete or iron tanks for food substances, such as wine, oil, beer, drinking water, feed, etc ... Alcoholic products should not exceed 21° alcohol.

     Yield: 2 sqm / liter
     Application: brush - roller - spray
     Catalyst: VCATA07101
     Mixing ratio: 100:18
     Diluent: ready to use (possibly 2/3% ethyl alcohol ND)
     Pot Life: 50 minutes at 20 ° C
     Thickness: 60-80 microns (available with 1 or 2 coats)
     Air drying time: 24 hours
     Cleaning of tools: nitro
     Support: iron - concrete

Preparation of the substrate

Iron: degreasing or sandblasting SA 2-2 and 1/2, if necessary fill with putty.

Cement: clean and remove loose material, any detartarization with blastingif necessary, fill with puttyuse as a primer to epoxy.

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