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Laffort Zymaflore ST - 500 g

Zymaflore ST is Laffort's yeast specifically designed for fortified or dry white wines intended for long maturation. Available on Polsinelli Enologia in 500 gram package, Zymaflore ST wine yeast can be used to improve the organoleptic qualities of white wines, thanks to its special characteristics.

This precious ingredient, indispensable for the correct transformation of the sugar present in grapes into alcohol, boasts an extremely reduced production of fermentative aromas and SO2 molecules. The 500g Laffort Zymaflore ST yeast has a 15% alcohol tolerance and a great ability to colonise the most sugary musts, making it ideal for the production of fortified and white wines such as Chardonnay, Semillon and Viognier.

The Zymaflore ST wine yeast strain is the result of careful selection in the terroirs of Sauternes in southern France. We recommend a dosage of 20-30 grams per hectolitre. Store in the original packaging, in a dry and odourless environment.

Fermentation characteristics:

  • Alcohol tolerance: up to 15% vol.
  • Recommended temperature range: 14 - 20°C.
  • Nitrogen requirement: high.
  • Excellent ability to colonise musts with a high sugar content.
  • Low production of volatile acidity and H₂S.

Aromatic and organoleptic characteristics:

  • Low producer of SO₂ combining molecules (ethanal, pyruvic acid...).
  • Sensitive strain to SO₂ (easily mutated).
  • Low production of fermentation aromas (respects typicality).

Average dose of use:
20-30 g/hL

500 g bag

Store in a dry place, at a moderate temperature (4 to 8°C) and in the original packaging. The best use-by date is 18 months.

Rehydrate according to the protocol indicated on the pack.

  • Use a clean, inert container.
  • Do not mix with other products (except Superstart).
  • Use the product immediately after preparation
  • Do not use if the package is not intact

Analysis Type:

Moisture (%): < 8
Live cells LSAS (CFU/g): ≥ 1.5.1010
Lactic bacteria (CFU/g): < 105
Acetic bacteria (CFU/g): < 104
Yeasts of genus other than Saccharomyces (CFU/g): < 105
Yeasts of different species or strain (%): < 5
Coliforms (CFU/g): < 102
Moulds (CFU/g): < 103
E. Coli (/g): abs.
Salmonella (/25 g): abs.
Staphylococcus (/g): abs.
Lead (ppm): < 2
Arsenic (ppm): < 3
Mercury (ppm): < 1
Cadmium (ppm): < 1

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