Yeast for all wines Actiflore F33 (500 g)

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Activeflore F33 - 500 g

With expression of parietal polysaccharides, low production of volatile acidity and good release of polysaccharides during fermentation.

  • Strain adapted to all types of vinification. Specially selected for its ability to start quickly and its high alcohol tolerance (16% vol.), it enables fine and balanced wines to be obtained.
  • It brings volume and roundness thanks to its high production of polysaccharides.
  • In white vinification it ensures a high production of esters while respecting the varietal characteristics.

Fermentation characteristics:

  • Alcohol tolerance: up to 16% vol.
  • Low nitrogen requirement.
  • Excellent fermentation kinetics in a wide range of temperatures: 13-30°C.
  • Reduced AV production.
  • Provides volume and roundness due to its high polysaccharide production.

Aromatic characteristics:

  • Particularly suitable for the production of red wines with clean and frank profiles. Its low nutritional requirements - and its fermentative robustness make it an excellent candidate for a wide range of winemaking.

Average dosage:
15-30 g/hL (depending on must characteristics and winemaking conditions)

500 g bag

Store in a dry place, at a moderate temperature (4 to 8°C) and in the original packaging. The optimal use-by date is 18 months.

Dry wine-making yeast, suitable for use in foodstuffs.
Complies with the International Oenological Codex. Does not contain GMOs

Rehydrate according to the protocol indicated on the packaging.

  • Use a clean container of inert material.
  • Do not mix with other products (except Superstart)
  • Use the product immediately after preparation
  • Do not use if the package is not intact

Analysis Type:

  • Moisture (%): < 8
  • Live cells LSAS (CFU/g): ≥ 1.2.1010
  • Lactic bacteria (CFU/g): < 105
  • Acetic bacteria (CFU/g): < 104
  • Yeasts of a different genus
  • from Saccharomyces (CFU/g): < 105
  • Yeasts of different species or strain (%) < 5
  • Coliforms (CFU/g): < 102
  • Moulds (CFU/g): < 103
  • E. coli (/g): abs.
  • Salmonella (/25 g): abs.
  • Staphylococcus (/g): abs.
  • Lead (ppm): < 2
  • Arsenic (ppm): < 3
  • Mercury (ppm): < 1
  • Cadmium (ppm): < 1


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