Traditional spicy rennet paste Provo 5 imcu 115 (1 kg)

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Traditional spicy rennet paste Provo 5 imcu 115 (1 kg)

Natural rennet obtained from kid and/or lamb stomachs, salted and checked at origin. Rennet free of microbial coagulants, porcine pepsin and fermentation chymosin. Natural product free of bleaching agents, colourings, flavourings or other additives.


  • Dark brown paste
  • IMCU 115/g
  • Average composition: 75% chymosin - 25% bovine pepsin
  • Preservative: None added
  • Containing common salt (sodium chloride) approx. 20%.
  • Lipase 1.40 - 1.60 c.u./g

Method of use:
The amount of rennet required depends on the quality of the milk, the production technology (pH, temperature, desired coagulation time) and the enzyme concentration. The rennet is mixed well with fresh water and filtered through a fine cloth to remove insoluble parts. The filtered rennet is then poured into the heated milk and thoroughly mixed.

Store the packages tightly closed in a cool, dry place after arrival at destination.

Minimum shelf life: 12 months
The use of the product after this date does not imply any harmful effects but only a possible reduction in effectiveness.

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