Suprarom (1 kg)

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Suprarom (1 kg)

Oxidation protection for musts, preserving freshness and aromatic intensity. Qualified for the elaboration of products for direct human consumption within the scope of the regulated use in cEnology. In compliance with the regulation (EU) n°2019/934.

Physical Characteristics

  • Aspect powder
  • Colour brown
  • Odor pungent and suffocating odour of SO₂

Chemical Analysis

  • Ascorbic Acid 25%
  • Ash < 2%
  • Humidity approximately 2%
  • Potassium Metabisulphite 50 %
  • Tannins 25 %

Oenological Use
SUPRAROM is used on Botrytis-affected grapes. Add SUPRAROM immediately prior to crushing or into the press. For optimal usage, we advise testing laccase activity with the BOTRYTEST before addition.


  • 10 to 25 g/100 kg of grapes.
  • Dissolve in 10 times its weight in cold water. Well closed begun(affected) packaging.

EC Regulation

  • Conforms to the SO2 limits specified by the legislation in force within your country and abide by the right dosage for the maximum legal dosage of Sulfur dioxide in the wine.

Storage recommendation

  • Store above ground level in a dry area not liable to impart odours. Ensuring stock is kept at a moderate temperature, in its original, unopened packaging.
  • Optimal date of use: (not opened bag) : 3 years.


  • 1kg bag


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