Stainless steel fruit crusher type B

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Stainless steel fruit crusher type B

The stainless steel Type B fruit press is an excellent product for chopping, cutting and pressing the crop, thanks to the simple crank system connected to the set of knives and rollers at the bottom of the hopper. This is an essential piece of machinery for processing fruit for jams and different types of food products. The base of the tool is made of highly resistant enamelled metal, completed with non-toxic epoxy paints specially chosen for food use.

The fruit crusher type B is equipped with a set of 7 stainless steel knives to easily cut the fruit, which is then pressed by the rollers positioned under the blades. The hopper allows you to quickly process good quantities of fruit, thanks to its dimensions of 65x48x36cm and its 16kg capacity. The rollers measure 22cm while the stretcher type B has overall dimensions of 40x100x50cm.

The instrument weighs 16kg and can be easily positioned on the vat to collect the processed product thanks to the two 100cm bars positioned on the base. The operation is completely manual, operated with the side flywheel, and the stainless steel fruit press type B does not require any electrical power supply.


  • Hopper: cm 65x48x36
  • Capacity: 16 kg
  • Dimensions: 40x100x50
  • Weight: 16 kg
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