Stainless steel cart for electric pump

Code: EPP0002
Brand: Polsinelli
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Stainless steel Cart for electric pump

The stainless steel transfer pump trolley is an indispensable accessory for small producers and companies involved in wine-making, agriculture and gardening. It allows the easy transport of electric pumps while protecting them and facilitating storage after use. It is a universal device, whose 23 x 33 cm base is equipped with various fixing arrangements suitable for all types of electric pumps. The structure of the trolley for electric transfer pumps is completely made of stainless steel, which although light, is very strong and able to withstand heavy weights. In addition, it is durable, resistant to heat, wear and chemicals, and above all it is easy to clean, ensuring maximum efficiency and hygiene. The stainless steel trolley for electric pumps is equipped with a practical handle with rubber knob that facilitates movement and allows an excellent grip for the hands during transport, increasing safety during all phases of work.

Technical characteristics

  • Structure material: stainless steel
  • Base with universal fixing arrangements
  • 2 rubber wheels
  • Handlebar with rubber knob
  • Overall dimensions in cm: 23 x 33
  • Appliance conforms to CE safety standards
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