Sorbisol K (1 kg)

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Yeast inhibitor


  • Appearance: granular
  • Solubility: total in water (1g per 1ml)
  • Pack size: 1 kg.

Physico-chemical specifications:

  • Purity ≥99%.
  • Moisture ≤1%.
  • Heavy metals <10ppm
  • Lead <2ppm
  • Mercury <1ppm
  • Arsenic <3ppm
  • Sulphates <1000ppm
  • Aldehydes ≤0.1%.


  • Properties: Yeast inhibitor (flower wines, dessert wines)
  • Dose: 10 g (dry wines) to 25 g/hl (sweet wines)
  • Preparation: Dilute in a volume of water equal to 5 times its weight.
  • Use a clean container made of inert material. Use the product within an hour of its preparation.
  • Note: Always use in combination with sulphur dioxide.
  • Maximum legal dose 26.8 g/hl (200 mg/l in ascorbic acid).


  • Store, preferably at a moderate temperature, in the unopened original packaging, not in direct contact with the soil, in a dry and odourless place.
  • Shelf life (unopened original packaging): 3 years.

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