Pure vegetable protein Vegefine (1 kg)

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Pure vegetable protein Vegefine (1 kg)

Clarification agent based on vegetable proteins (patatins ).
Qualified for the elaboration of products for direct human consumption in the field of the regulated use in Oenology. In accordance with the current EU regulation n° 2019/934.

Specifications and oenological applications

VEGEFINE® is a 100% vegetable proteins (patatins) formulation. Thanks to the physico-chemical characteristics of these proteins, VEGEFINE® ensures effective fining of musts and wines, also allowing very good compaction of solids and lees. With its non-allergenic formulation, it is suitable for organic winemaking (European regulations (EC) 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008), VEGEFINE® is very easy to use and can replace traditional fining agents of animal origin.

VEGEFINE® is used:

  • On musts: elimination of oxidised or oxidisable phenolic compounds and resulting in a small quantity of lees after sedimentation.
  • On wines (red, white and rosé): strong clarification capacity, rapid sedimentation rate, stabilisation of colouring matter and elimination of astringent tannins from red wines.

Physical characteristics

  • Aspect: powder
  • Colour: grey beige

Chemical analysis

  • pH (1%) 6 to 8
  • Humidity (%) < 12
  • Total nitrogen (%) > 10
  • Ashes (%) < 8
  • Iron (ppm) < 300
  • Zinc (ppm) < 50
  • Chromium (ppm) < 10
  • Copper (ppm) < 35
  • Mercury (ppm) < 1
  • Lead (ppm) < 5
  • Arsenic (ppm) < 3
  • Cadmium (ppm) < 1

Protocol for use

Oenological conditions

  • On juice or must prior to, or during fermentation.
  • On wine at all stages.


  • White and rosé musts: 5 - 30 g/hL.
  • Press juice: 10 - 50 g/hL.
  • White and rosé wines: 2 - 15 g/hL.
  • Red wines: 2 - 8 g/hL.

Dosage recommendations depend on grape variety, wine characteristics and type of profile wanted. Trials with a wide range of dosages are highly recommended.

  • EU Regulation: Maximum legal dosage : 50 g/hL (500 ppm).


Rehydrate VEGEFINE® in 10 times its weight in water (1 kg for 10 L of water) before incorporation. Strong agitation may induce foam formation. Use the emulsion within the same day of preparation. Do not prepare the solution directly in wine as it will flocculate with wine compounds.
After incorporation, homogenise the product in wine with a pumping-over.

Storage recommendation

  • Store above ground level in a dry area not liable to impart odours. Ensuring stock is kept at a moderate temperature, in its original, unopened packaging.
  • Optimal date of use: 3 years.


  • 1 kg bag

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