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Preparation for fining musts and wines. Association of PVPP, vegetable protein (patatin) and bentonite. Non-allergenic.
Qualified for the elaboration of products for direct human consumption in the field of the regulated use in Oenology. In accordance with the current EU regulation n° 2019/934.

Specifications and oenological applications
Non-allergenic preparation combining PVPP, bentonite and vegetable protein (patatin).

For white and rosé juices:

  • Elimination of oxidisable and oxidised phenolic compounds.
  • Preservation of glutathione content and limitation of browning or «pinking» phenomena.
  • For red wines, qualitative and economic optimisation:
  • Decreasing 3-methyl-2,4 noanedione (MND) content, responsible of oxidised notes in wines (prune aroma).
  • Reducing the microbial load.
  • Improving the stabilisation of colouring matter.
  • Softening astringency, green aromas and metallic notes.

Physical characteristics

  • Aspect: powder
  • Colour: white

Chemical analysis

  • Humidity (%) < 12.5
  • Nitrogen total (%) ≥ 5
  • Arsenic (ppm) < 3
  • Iron (ppm) < 420
  • Lead (ppm) < 4.5
  • Mercury (ppm) < 1
  • Cadmium (ppm) < 1
  • Heavy metals (ppm) < 10

Protocol for use

Oenological conditions

  • Treatment can be implemented at each stage of vinification both on must and wine. Treatment is more effective on more clarified wine such as must with enzyme addition or press wine with enzyme addition on exiting the press.
  • POLYMUST® PRESS does not cause overfining, even at extremely high dosages. Fining time is fast (15 days) with good lees settling and leaving little deposit on tanks.


  • On white and rosé press wines: 40 - 100 g/hL (400 - 1000 ppm).
  • On red press wine: 15 - 50 g/hL (150 - 500 ppm).
  • EU Regulation: Maximum legal dose: 250 g/hL (2500 ppm).


Dissolve POLYMUST® PRESS in 5 to 10 times its weight in water. We recommend leaving the solution to swell for 1 hour before usage. For must treatment, incorporate after juice extraction, before settling.
On wine we recommend maintaining agitation for 15 to 30 minutes to optimise the effect of the preparation. The prepared POLYMUST® PRESS solution must be used within 12 hours.

Storage recommendation

  • Store above ground level in a dry area not liable to impart odours. Ensuring stock is kept at a moderate temperature, in its original, unopened packaging.
  • Optimal date of use: 3 years.


  • 1 kg bag

Consult our product datasheet - Safety data sheet

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