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Ecolab - P3-oxonia active - 5 lt.
Liquid, acidic disinfectant for the brewing and beverage industry

Product strengths
Liquid, acidic disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide/peracetic acid for the brewing and beverage industry
    •    particularly effective against all types of microorganisms,even in cold wate
    •    environmentally-oriented

    •    excellent microbiological efficacy against yeasts and bacteria

    •    Appearance: colourless liquid *
    •    Solubility: at 20 °C miscible with water in any proportion
    •    Density: ca. 1,11–1,13 g/cm3 (a 20 °C)
    •    Storage stability: -20 to 30 °C
    •    PH 100%: 0,5–1,5 (20 °C, deionized water)
    •    Flash point: 100 °C
    •    Foam characteristics: non foaming,

 Typical applications are:
    • In the food industry for a fast sanitizing of surfaces which are in contact with foods.
    • In all CIP washing systems
    • In the milk industry
    • In the ice cream industry
    • In the non-alcoholic beverages industry
    • In the Brewing industry
    • In the wine industry
    • In the canned vegetables industry (jams, fruit juices)


The contact time of the P3-oxonia active solution is dependent on concentration, temperature and specific field
of application.  

General application:
- Concentration: 0.05 - 3 %
- Temperature: 5 - 20 °C

Increased disinfecting efficiency / shorter contact time
- Concentration: 0.2 - 1 %
- Temperature: 50 °C max.

For stabilizing reasons, higher temperatures should generally be avoided, as they do not improve the sterilizing effect
of P3-oxonia active.