Ovoclaryl Albumen egg powder (1 kg)

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Ovoclaryl Albumen for Wine Clarification

Hen's egg white is an excellent clarifying agent for wine, and the 1 kg bag of Ovoclaryl offered by Laffort is particularly suitable for processing fine red wines due to its ability to reduce excess polyphenolic fractions. Ovoclaryl Laffort egg albumin for clarification is guaranteed by Qualité France, which certifies its organic origin. Before being introduced into the wine, the atomised white powder must be diluted in water (ratio of 1 kg/10lt), then stirred, taking care not to foam.


  • pH: 6.7 ± 0.2
  • Moisture: < 10 %.
  • Ash (on dry weight): < 6,5 %.
  • Gums, Gelatine, Dextrin: Absent
  • Total nitrogen (on dry weight): > 12 %.
  • Heavy metals:
  • Lead: < 5 ppm
  • Mercury: < 1 ppm
  • Arsenic: < 3 ppm
  • Appearance: fine powder
  • Colour: straw yellow
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