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Detecting Brettanomyces has never been so easy and cheap. Thanks to Self-Brett you can carry out the semi-quantitative detection of Brettanomyces in alcoholic beverages. Self-brett® is made of the union of a species – specific analysis culture-dependent method with an easy and ready-made technology that enables the producer and the oenologist to perform with fully autonomy the analysis on the barrel in their own cellar, preventing the production of ethyl-phenols and thus avoiding unpleasant surprises.

1. Autonomy:
Self-brett® can be used directly on-site without the presence of staff and specialized laboratories obtaining however a clear result.
2. Clear result: simple evaluation of Brettanomyces in the wine through:

  • Color change (from blue to yellow)
  • Coming out of typical “Brett smell”
  • Observation of colonies on the agarized soil

3. Costs: significantly reduced compared with laboratories test


  • Presence evaluation in alcoholic beverages (wine, beer, cider)
  • Presence evaluation of Brettanomyces on cellar equipment


  1. Unscrew the cap and put it upside down avoiding to touch the support containing the agarized soil.       
  2. Fill with the beverage to be analyzed up to the mark indicated on the label
  3. Stir it and wait for 60 sec.
  4. Empty and let it drop
  5. Close and leave at room temperature for 10 days

Findings interpretation:

  • If the tested wine sample appears negative under all 3 conditions then the result is negative (not contaminated wine)
  • If the color of the soil changes in yellow, if the typical smell arises and colonies are visible: the sample is contaminated
  • Depending on the colonies quantity an estimate of contamination can be obtained: Low, medium, high.

10-25 C° away from light sources until the expiring date on the label. Just in case of sign of deterioration and contamination eliminate it.

Shelf life: 4 months

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