Oak flakes Nobile Intense (1 kg)

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Oak flakes Nobile Intense (1 kg)

Contribution to the organoleptic profile:

Aroma: Coffee, roasted, chocolate.
Texture: Volume.
Directions for use

Dosage: up to 6 g/L

Contact time: 3 to 4 months.
Dosage must be rationally defined according to the characteristics of the wine and the objective to be achieved.
The contact time is defined on the basis of tasting.

Storage and Regulatory notes

Regulations: refer to the current regulations on the oenological use of oak chips.
Storage conditions: not in contact with the soil, in the original unopened packaging, at a moderate temperature (5 - 25°C), in ventilated premises, away from humidity and odours. The product is sensitive to atmospheric pollutants.

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