Oak barrel with stainless steel manhole 225 L

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Oak barrel 225 L - Regenerated with inox manhole

Externally and internally regenerated oak barrel with oxygen and tannins enrichment.

  • Dimensions: Length 95 cm, Ø 70 cm; Weight 40 Kg

The barrel is plastic wrapped, ready for packaging and shipping.



How to use:

After washing the barrel, dry well making sure that there is no residual moisture. At this point sulfurize with 5/10 g/hl.

If the barrel is not used immediately, or before weeks or months, you have to wrap it in a plastic film and lay it down in a room with:

  • good humidity conditions (75% - 80%)
  • no air currents
  • low light
  • cover with a cloth and avoid UV rays


Technical description

Externally and internally regenerated

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