Malt in grains Château Cara Gold (5 kg)

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Malt in grains Château Cara Gold (5 kg)

Cara Gold Malting® grain malt from Chateau Castle Malting® is a quality ingredient for the production of brown and dark beers and comes in a 5 kg package. Characterized by a dark colour, Belgian caramel style, Cara Gold malt for sale online on Polsinelli Enologia is an excellent choice for producers who wish to obtain a final beverage with special characteristics: Chateau Castle Malting® Cara Gold malt gives a rich aroma of sweet caramel, a toffee scent and an amber colour. Guaranteed by Castle Malting, an old Belgian malt house and one of the most important brewing companies in the world, Cara Gold malt in a 5 kg sack is perfect both for beginners who want to choose a quality ingredient for their product and for those looking for the right base for a classic dark brown beer. The product is suitable for up to 20% of the mixture used. We recommend storage in a cool, clean place, at temperatures not exceeding 22°C, and humidity levels below 35 HR%. It is recommended that Cara Gold grain malt be used within 24 months of production, and within 3 months of milling.


  • Use: Brown and dark beers. Up to 20 % of the mix.
  • Moisture: % 8 (max)
  • Extract (dry): % 78,0 (min)
  • Colour: EBC (Livibond) = MIN 110,0 (41,8); MAX 130,0 (49,3)
  • Develops flavour up to 220°C, intense aroma.
  • Packaging: 5 kg
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