Layer pad for Bordolese 120x80 (10 pieces)

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Layer pad for Bordolese 120x80

Plastic layer pad with specific shapes that allow perfect horizontal bottles positioning.
The layer pad is a new and innovative system to store bottled wine to be used as alternative to metal cage and wooden walls. This system guarantees maximum space use both in height and on the ground. The bottles housing is set up to avoid any scratching and bottles breaks. The black color prevent the light passage ensuring a refinement of the wine in protected environment.

  • Pallet size:  cm.120x80
  • Bottles for each layer pad : 36
  • Sheets number for each pallet:  max 20
  • Bottles number for each pallet:  720
  • Bottle model:  Bordolese cylindrical
  • Max Diameter: mm81
  • Min. Diamater: mm68
  • Max bottle height: mm 340
  • Min. bottle height: mm 265
  • Stackability: 2+1 (2 pallets on 1 on the ground)



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