Food grade glycol (10Kg)

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Food Grade Antifreeze Glycol

Available in the Polsinelli Enologia store in a 10 kg package, food grade glycol is suitable as an antifreeze in homebrewing cooling systems, food and beverage accessories, and wine tanks. Food grade glycol antifreeze is free of nitrites, amines and phosphates, and contains inhibitors and corrosion protection agents that preserve the metal parts of equipment from wear. In addition, food-grade propylene glycol is non-toxic, colourless and tasteless, making it suitable for equipment that comes into contact with food and drink. Antifreeze glycol is a highly concentrated product, which can be used pure or diluted with water. Depending on the degree of refrigeration, the recommended doses are as follows:


  • 3°C (10% Glycol - 90% Water)
  • 9°C (20% Glycol - 80% Water)
  • 14°C (30% Glycol - 70% Water)
  • 22°C (40% Glycol - 60% Water)
  • 32°C (50% Glycol - 50% Water)
  • 45°C (60% Glycol - 40% Water)

FDA compliant product

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