Filter sheets 20x20 V0 (25 pcs)

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Filter sheets CKP V0

  • Type: washable roughing agent
  • Working pressure 4
  • Flow rate litres/hour x 10 cartons: 720
  • Use: for young wines

Packaging: 25 pieces

The constant research dedicated to the "CKP Series", used in all applications of food liquids and chemical-pharmaceutical solutions, has made it possible to modify the construction in order to improve some technical characteristics of the layers while leaving the high quality standard unchanged.

The use of new noble cellulose and the substantial improvement in the structure of the inlet side - still marked "CKP" - allow for higher yields, while the recognisable marking of the outlet side guarantees against the loss of fibres, increasing the mechanical resistance during and at the end of filtration.

Increasingly accurate controls of our production have enabled us to define a graph with technical indications which, in addition to the specific flow rates, highlights the statistical porosity and retention power of each individual filter layer.

Filtration grades:

  • CKP V0: coars roughing
  • CKP V4: medium - clarifying
  • CKP V8: clarifying
  • CKP V12: medium polishing
  • CKP V16: perfect polishing
  • CKP V18: pre-sterilizing
  • CKP V20: medium sterilising
  • CKP V24: super sterilising

Available formats:

  • Flat discs in packs of 25
  • Square sheets 20 x 20 or 40 x 40 in packs of 25 pcs.
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