Filter sheet V16 40x40 (25 pcs)

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Polishing filter sheet CKP V16

Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm

Package: 25 pieces


After research, we have been able to structurally modify and enhance the technical characteristics of the layers, while leaving the high quality standards unchanged.

The use of new pure cellulose and the substantial improvement of the inflow side (always "CKP" branded) have further improved the efficiency of the filter sheets, while the clear marking of the outflow side prevents any loss of fibres and increases the mechanical resistance of the device during the filtering process.

The accurate controls of our production allowed us to outline a graph highlighting specific capacity and the retention power of each filtering sheet.


  • CKP V0: roughing filter sheet
  • CKP V4: medium clarifying filter sheet
  • CKP V8: clarifying filter sheet
  • CKP V12: clarifying filter sheet
  • CKP V16: polishing filter sheet
  • CKP V18: polishing filter sheet
  • CKP V20: medium sterilizing filter sheet
  • CKP V24: sterilizing filter sheet


Available formats:

  • Flat disks in packages of 25 pieces
  • Square sheets 20 x 20 or 40 x 40 cm in packages of 25 pieces
Technical description

Polishing filter sheet; package of 25 pieces.

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