Externally regenerated Oak barrel 225 L

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Externally regenerated Oak barrel 225 L

Regenerated oak barrel is to be used with red wines

External regeneration with oxygenation and tannin enrichment.

As well as being extracted from the grapes during fermentation, tannins are also found in the wood, so the wine also acquires the aromas during its stay in the barrels or barriques.

Tannins give the wine its colour and give it its delicate pinkish hues in proportion to the load of garnet.

Another function of tannins is that of a preservative, in fact they also act as antibacterials protecting the wine and ensuring its longevity.

  • Dimensions: Length cm 95; Ø cm 70 ; Weight 33 Kg

Cask with transparent film, ready to be packed and shipped.

After washing the barrel, make sure it dries well and that there are no residual humidity. Then sulphurise with 5/10 g/hl.

If the barrel is not to be used immediately, or at any rate not for several weeks or months, it must be wrapped in plastic film and placed in a room having

  • good hygrometry (75% - 80%)
  • no draughts
  • low light
  • Cover with a cloth and avoid UV rays.


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